Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th April 2017 Written Update. Dev Sonakshi patch up. The episode starts with Dev being drunk at his farm house and blaming Sonakshi for leaving him and her relations with Jatin. Sonakshi sees Khatri ringing the doorbell and she goes to stop him. Khatri again starts threatening Sonakshi and saying that he told Sona to get Ishwari but she didn’t listen to him. Now he will blackmail Ishwari, Dev and Sonakshi to get money. He has a CD which has Ishwari accepting her crime in front of God. Khatri goes towards Dev and he sees him standing and listening to him.

Dev agitated with anger and holds Khatri’s neck and says he would kill him. Sonakshi tries to control him but he misunderstands her. Sona tries to make him understand and tells him whatever Khatri told him. She tells him that now she has told everything to Dev so he can’t do anything. Jatin brings police and Khatri is arrested.

Jatin goes and Sonakshi and Dev share some emotional talks. Dev starts blaming himself for everything but Sona consoles him. She says that even she did a mistake by leaving him. Both blame themselves for not trusting each other. Dev thanks Sonakshi for protecting his family. They hug each other and Dev becomes emotional. Elena tells Soha that her parents will come back and Vicky gets irritated. Radha Rani sees Dev and Sonakshi hugging each other. She gets shocked.

PRECAP​: Radha Rani telling Vicky about Devakshi union and he gets shocked. Elena calls and asks Sona about Dev and her patch up.