Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th July 2017 Written Update, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update.

The episode starts with Sona and Elena disturbed due to Vicky and Elena takes her along to reveal the truth to all the family members but Sona is very happy to see all of them happy. She’s not able to tell and Dev overhears the conversation. But still Sona hides the truth. Elena is upset with Sonakshi and Vicky again tries to play his game.

Sona, Ishwari and Nikki spent some family moments together. Sona goes to Dev and he tells her about the security breach and software theft. He requests her to stay at home. Elena goes to Radha Rani and questions about Vicky’s misdeeds seven years back. She at first doesn’t accept but when Elena tells about Vicky’s confession. Elena wants to tell to Dev but she stops.

Radha Rani goes to Sonakshi and recollects all the bitter memories spent with her. She apologizes to Sona and says what she has done for Vicky she will always be grateful for the same. Sona consoles her and Radha Rani urges not to tell anything to Dev. Ishwari overhears them and asks for their clarification but they both again hide it. Vicky is tensed as he is not able to get the software.

There’s a announcement on television about Dev and everyone is excited to hear him. Dev tells all the details of his new launched software. Thakkar calls Vicky and threatens him to give his money back. Vicky enrages and gets irritated.

PRECAP: Vicky feels helpless and says to himself that this opportunity can’t be gone from his hands and Dev says that it has now gone.