Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th May 2017 Written Update. The episode starts with Ishwari rethinking about Dev’s words and sharing it with Mamaji. He also tells her to think in a positive way. Dev and Sonakshi share some good comedy moments with each other with Sona remembering that she never had anyone to share her moments in Kolkata. Soha comes crying as she hurts herself and Sona and Dev try to pacify her by beating the grass. Ishwari sees them enjoying and Dev calls her for family selfie. Ishwari keeps on seeing Sona but Dev interrupts for the selfie.

Bijoy and Ishwari come face to face and they converse about relationships. Bijoy says that he feels that Ronita is her daughter and Saurabh his son in law. Ishwari understands his sarcastic comments. On the other hand Kalpana and Aarti get irritated with Radha Rani for calling them unnecessarily and leave.

Golu bangs on Aarti unintentionally and she scolds him. Sona comes and supports Golu saying that he even apologized. Kalpana says that Sona culdnt save her marriage and she is talking about bringing up kids. Ishwari comes and shows Soha telling that she is one child who has been brought up by a single mother and not even met her grandparents and father but still Soha is such a child that anyone can love her. She tells Kalpana to leave as they were unwanted guests and supports Sona. Radha Rani fumes with anger.

Ishwari tells Radha Rani that she will look after her son’s happiness. All the family members enjoy and eat ice cream but Sona brings something sugar free for Ishwari and Bijoy. Radha Rani gets furious and curses Sona in her heart. Sona takes Soha and Golu to sleep. Ishwari comes to mamaji and shares her feelings for Sona. She admits that because of her everything happened. She was very insecure about Dev. She didn’t see Sona’s good points and always blamed and cursed her. Mamaji tells her that it’s not her thinking it is about Sona and Dev being together.

PRECAP: Sona thanks Dev for calling her family to dinner and she will support him. Ishwari sees them and thinks that her family is incomplete and now she will add colors to this pale life.