Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th April 2017 Written Update. Dev Sonakshi return to Dixit house together. The episode starts with Dev and Sonakshi being together sharing some moments. Radha Rani is disturbed seeing Dev and Sonakshi together and she informs this to Vicky. Elena calls up Sona to ask about her and Dev’s whereabouts. Sona tells her that they both are coming back. On the other hand Ronita’s​ mom calls and tries to incite against Asha but Ronita snubs her and Saurabh overhears her. He becomes very happy.

When Sona and Dev reach back to Dixit house Dev gets afraid of facing Soha because he hurt her feelings but Sona helps him to stand and face her. Soha is very happy to see Dev back but she urges him to rest. Sonakshi apologizes to Soha and Elena tells about Soha’s and Golu’s surprise anniversary celebrations. Dev goes to Ishwari’s room and starts seeing his photo with his mom.

Sonakshi overhears him crying so she goes in Ishwari’s room. She sees Dev in despair sobbing and remembering his mother. He feels guilty for not keeping her happy and Sonakshi explains him that he has been always a replica of his mom. That’s why they don’t share any feelings with anyone. Sona consoles him by holding his fingers and tells that Soha has a surprise for both of them as it is their marriage anniversary. Dev is reluctant initially but Sona convinces him and he overhears a beautiful poetry Soha is reciting for Dev. Dev is super happy​to see such a beautiful surprise and he hugs her. Radha Rani and Vicky get irritated.

PRECAP: Sonakshi and Dev sit together for a chit chat and Dev says that he still feels that they didn’t have a break up. Sona supports saying that they are a family still. She takes her hand for a hand shake and he tries to hug her