Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th June 2017 Written Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th June 2017 Written Update Written Episode starts with with Ishwari saying chachaji saying that she is lucky having sonakshi as her bahu. Sonakshi goes to nikky.  Nikky is shocked seeing sonakshi. She asks her who gave her address, sonakshi enters the room and she notices pant and shirt of boy and asks nikky about it.  Meanwhile nikky’s boyfriend enters, he asks nikky about sonakshi. Sonakshi says that she is her friend.  Nikky introduces him as him boyfriend.

On the other hand chacjaji explains radha rani that the locker keys belongs to sonakshi,  she denies and says that she is the one who returned it. Chachaji praises sonakshi for her maturity.  Vicky argues with him saying that radha rani deserves the keys and not sonakshi.

Sonakshi asks if they have another mate in their room.  She says no. Sonakshi says that they live with their daughter.  Nikky or a moment feels happy.  Sonakshi asks her to come with her,  nikky tells her that she does not believe in the concept of marriage. Nikky asks her to leave saying that she is not going to come back. Ishwari calls sonakshi inquiring about nikky.  She says that she met her.  Ishwari asks about her , she says that she is fine.  After that sonakshi goes to dev’s office taking his lunch.

Sonakshi remains quite. Dev asks whats wrong with her. Elena tells that asha has finished her book.  Ishwari and chachaji feels very happy. Sonakshi tells dev about nikky and asks him to stay calm. Sonakshi says that nikky is living with her boyfriend in a living relationship. Dev is shocked and asks her if she had told about this to ishwari.  She says no.

Asha and dadiji makes fun on bejoy who is tensed. Sourav comes and tells that has made a mistake and reads the lines quoted about dixit family. Asha says that it cannot be changed now. On the other hand dev goes to nikky and meets his boyfriend.  He treats dev, and asks him if he wants anything. Meanwhile nikky arrives and hugs his boyfriend and sees dev being shocked.

PRECAP : Dev asks nikky that he wants to talk to her. Nikky tells him to talk to her infront of laksh. Dev gets frustrated.  Nikky tells him that he is the only family to her now. How was the Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th June 2017 Written Update?