Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi 27th march 2017 written update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th March 2017 Written Update. The episode starts with Dev entering the Bose house and shocking everyone there. Bijoy fumes with anger seeing Dev and he tells him to move out of the house. Dev tells Bijoy that he is going to stay for a week here and then Sonakshi and Suhana will stay in Dixit house for the following week; this way the protocol will be followed. Bijoy gets more angry; Dev congratulates Saurabh and Ronita and also wishes her parents. Jatin comes with Suhana and Soha is happy to see her father. She tells him to come in her room and play with her. Saurabh escorts Ronita and her parents. Bijoy is enraged. Radha Rani on the other hand is tensed about herself and Vicky but he assures her that he will make Sona and Soha’s world hell when they are in Dixit house.

Ishwari also wants to take food for Dev and Soha but Mamaji stops her. Dev tells Sonakshi that she should have informed her father earlier so Dev decides to speak to him. He tells Jatin to move out as he is not part of the family but Jatin backanswers him. Dev goes to Soha’s room and is touched by her small things which she does for him. She plays with him and they spend wonderful time with each other. Meanwhile Radha Rani takes out clothes from Dev’s cupboard ant tells Ishwari when Sona will be back she would need this room. She instigates her against Sona.

Bijoy tells Jatin to convince Sona but Jatin supports Sona. Bijoy gets more angry. Sona comes in her room and she is happy to see Dev-Soha’s bonding. Sona tells Soha to sleep but she is not ready as she wants to play with Dev. He tells Soha that he would tell her a story and the argument as to who will sleep with Soha starts between Sona and Dev. Bijoy is listening to their talks hiding behind the door and Asha gets irritated with it. Meanwhile Ishwari is restless and Golu comes and tells her that he cant sleep without BigCha. Ishwari remembers and tells Golu old memories of her and Dev. Soha gives an idea to Sona and Dev to sleep together on the same bed as they are her parents.

PRECAP: Sona gets up and sees Dev sleeping on the sofa. He is about to fall but Sona saves him and they share a beautiful romantic eyelock.