Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 28th April 2017 Written Update. Dev Sonakshi coming close to each other. The episode starts with the cake cutting ceremony of Dev and Sonakshi’s anniversary and they run after each other trying to put cake. The whole atmosphere is full of love and happiness but Vicky and Radha Rani are irritated. On the other hand Saurabh’s​ phone rings and Ronita is not able to make out about the call and he doesn’t tell her. Sonakshi is sitting outside enjoying the atmosphere and Dev comes.

Dev remembers his old anniversary days without Sona and tells her about his imaginations. He says thanks to her and they both share some beautiful moments together. Dev keeps on staring Sona but she leaves thinking that if he needs her he will call her.

Vicky and Radha Rani sees both of them together and start making plans against them. Soha tries to hide from mosquitoes and urges Sona to be with Dev so that they can both spend time together. Sona explains Soha that she doesn’t want to disturb Dev in this tension mood. Dev and Sonakshi remember all the words they spoke to each other the same night.

Dev buys shares of some company which is in state of loss. Vicky asks Dev but he snubs him telling that it is his money and he can do anything with it. Sona overhears it and consoles him. But Dev urges to find out the family who faced the brunt of this theft crime. Radha Rani overhears it but Dev and Sonakshi ignore the topic. Vicky gets irritated with Sonakshi and shouts on Elena.

PRECAP: Radha Rani is threatening Sonakshi and asking about the matter. Sonakshi is just about to tell but she waits.