Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 28th March 2017 Written Update- Soha to reunite Sona and Dev. The episode starts with Soha telling Sona and Dev to sleep together in the same room. Dev accepts it but Sona is hesitant; Dev explains Sona that he will give Soha whatever she wishes so that she can enjoy her childhood. Bijoy is overhearing and fumes with anger; Asha takes him away when he is trying to enter the room and tells him to be patient and calm. Saurabh thanks Ronita for supporting him and his family. Bijoy calls Ishwari in a fit of anger and Asha stops him and tells Ishwari that Dev is perfectly fine. Ishwari calls Dev to ask for his well being but he says that as long as he is with Soha he is going to be the happiest person. Sona comes and accepts Dev’s point of sleeping together. Then both of them start fighting over the temperature of air conditioner. Soha tells Dev to tell her a story and both of them sleep hearing it.

Sona gets up in the morning and finds Dev not there as he is sleeping on the sofa. He is about to fall but Sona comes to rescue and he falls on her sharing a beautiful romantic eyelock. Soha sees them and becomes happy. Ronita tells Saurabh about the cake she has sent for him with a puzzle in it. Sona and Dev are still fighting with each other and Dev tells her that she is stressed so Soha orders Sona not to go to office and rest. Ishwari is tensed about Dev and Radha Rani is igniting the fire by showing fake concern for Dev. Mamaji explains Ishwari that he is with his daughter and his ex in-laws would take care of him equally. She shouldnt get tensed but Ishwari is insecure.

Dev and Bijoy again have clashes regarding newspaper and some rules regulations of the house. Dev tells Saurabh to lose his weight before marriage and suggests jogging with him. Dev goes and sees Soha getting ready for school and he compliments her. Soha tells him to have a bath and he goes in the room. There he sees Sona coming out with eyes closed and asks for massage from Gunni but actually Dev is there so he decides to give her massage. He massages her and when she opens her eyes Sona is shocked to see Dev.

PRECAP: Everyone is having lunch at the table but Bijoy makes a plan and serves only non-vegetarian food especially fish. Golu comes in between along with Ishwari who brings food for him and comes to meet him.