Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th March 2017 Written Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th March 2017 Written Update- Dev and Bijoy’s rift. The episode starts with Dev giving massage to Sona and she sees him. She shouts at him as to how he entered her room. Hearing her shrieks all the family members get tensed and reach to her room. Dev requests Sona not to shout else her father will create another scene. She understands and tells everyone to leave. Dev and Sona tashan continue. Dev says that she looks like an aunty. All the family members sit on the dining table and he is about to eat when Bijoy interrupts him. Sona comes and Dev continues seeing her.Then the bell rings and Golu comes along with Ishwari who brings food for her. Soha along with Golu is very happy and they all have the food made by Ishwari. Bijoy passes a comment on Golu and Ishwari and Dev gets angry but still tells his family members to leave.

Meanwhile Radharani is tensed about Ishwari going to Bose house and shares it with Vicky. She seeing Ishwari upset asks her as to things in the Bose house but Ishwari doesnt say anything. On the other hand, Dev gets irritated with Bijoy and Asha comes to console Dev. He apologizes to Asha about his sudden entry of Ishwari and Golu but Asha in turn apologizes for Bijoy’s behaviour. Dev in rude tone confronts Asha and tells her that how she has been living with Bijoy for so many years. Asha gets shocked and leaves the room telling him to be on time at Saurabh’s sangeet for the evening.

Sona overhears and gets irritated; Asha takes her to her room and tells her that Sona should take out all the frustration and irritation on her thinking her to be Dev. Sona gets irritated and Asha explains her the pros and cons of a marriage. She explains her that any complication would lead an indirect effect on Sohana. She tells that parents always care for their children and Dev is doing the same. Sona tries to understand what her mother is explaining to her.

PRECAP: The sangeet ceremony of Saurabh and Ronita starts and Bijoy tells Dev to dress in a Bengali attire. Dev tries and calls Sona for help to tie a dhoti. She refuses and Dev threatens to come out in the ceremony without any clothes.