Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th May 2017 Written Update. The episode starts with Ishwari telling Sona to find out a girl for Dev for remarriage. Sonakshi is shocked and refuses to do this. Ishwari asks Sona as to why can’t she find a girl. She knows him very well so she is the best person. Ishwari takes a promise from Sona. On the other hand, the Bose family is happy coming back but Bijoy still has his doubts. Ronita tells that​ Ishwari doesn’t want to harm anyone but Bijoy gets irritated and shouts that she is very shrewd. Saurabh tries to defend but Bijoy starts fighting with him also. Dadiji starts acting of a heart attack to stop the fight.

On the other hand Ishwari sees Radha Rani and praises Sona in front of her. She says that Sona was not ready for their relationship seven years back but now everything is changed. She tells all her plan to Radha Rani if reuniting them.

Dev and Soha have fun at dance class. They come back and see Sona. They tell her how much fun they had at the dance class. Sona is irritated and fumes with anger. Dev doesn’t understand but then she tells him that Ishwari called her in a restaurant and told her to find a girl for Dev’s remarriage. Dev is shocked and tells her as to why did she promised such a thing. In fact Ishwari wanted him to marry Sona. She is stunned.

She doesn’t understand what to say or do so Dev says that he will speak to Ishwari. He goes to speak to her and tells as to why did she chose Sona for such a thing. Ishwari tells Dev that Sona is her best friend and she can do such a thing for her friend. Dev is shocked to hear this. He tells her that Soha is also part of his family. Ishwari gives him the idea of asking Soha also.

Ishwari goes into the room where Golu and Soha are playing. Golu is winning and is excited to see Big Cha. Ishwari tells Golu to give some time for Dev and Soha to speak. Golu gets furious and goes out. On the other hand Sona is disturbed seeing Dev’s remarriage. She asks herself in the mirror. Ishwari tells Soha about Dev’s remarriage option. Soha is disturbed and says she needs time to think.

PRECAP​: Ishwari tells Sona that she promised her to help Dev find a girl. Dev says he is not ready for it.