Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 31st May 2017 Written Update. The episode starts with Soha thinking about Dev’s remarriage option. She is not able to make a decision but ultimately agrees to the option. Ishwari is very happy but Sona and​Dev are shocked. Ishwari explains to both of them that right now Soha is small but when she grows old she will understand and then Dev will be left alone. Dev says he is not ready for it and goes out but Ishwari tells Sona to convince him. Sona tries to speak to Dev but he’s irritated and says to leave him alone as Sona did seven years ago.

Soha comes to Ishwari and says that why did she tell her t to speak lies to Sona and Dev. Ishwari takes her to God and gives an example of Krishna. She tells her that this is the way to reunite Dev and Sonakshi. They pray to God. Dev is tensed and Sona also depressed. Dev and Sonakshi recollecting their memories spent together.

Bose family is enjoying Kapil Sharma show but Sona is disturbed. She gets irritated but Bijoy is happy. Asha comes to Sona and asks her about depression. Asha asks whether she still loves him and what is their relationship status. Asha explains her that she should stop lying and accept the truth. Bijoy is happy overhearing Ishwari’s proposal. Sona becomes disturbed with Asha’s words that she still loves Dev.

Vicky laughs but Radha Rani is tensed about reunion of Devakshi. Vicky tells her that he will play his cards at the right time. Sona tells Asha that she doesn’t love Dev anymore and can’t forget all the pain she has been through. Asha says that she is still lying. Sona calls Dev but he doesn’t pick up the call so she messages him that she is outside on his bike. Dev comes and says that he doesn’t want to speak anything on this issue. Sona says that he shouldn’t be selfish , he should see Ishwari’s happiness as well. Dev says that Sona is thinking alot about him but she tells him that she cares for him and others even. She asks as to why he can’t marry. He says he can’t give Sona’s place to anyone else.

PRECAP: Radha Rani comes to Ishwari and shows photos. She says nothing of this sort will happen but Dev makes a decision of remarrying on request of Sona and Ishwari is shocked.