Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd April 2017 Written Update. Dev and Bijoy tashan to continue. The episode starts with Golu revealing to Jatin that he and Dev mistook him as Soha’s father. Dev gets embarrassed and starts feeding Golu to keep his mouth shut. Jatin compliments Dev on staying with the Bose family. Suddenly they start hearing some crying voice of some lady and its Ronita’s mom who is howling about the missing jewellery which she had bought for Ronita. Dev recalls his accidental meeting with Ronita’s mom and he hints Sonakshi about Ronita’s mom but she snubs him. Saurabh is shocked and says he will pay for the jewellery. Ronita’s parents leave. Ronita’s mom while going back tries to find out the jewellery she threw outside the window. Dev comes and shocks her asking if she was trying to find the bag. Ronita’s mom shocked and she tells that Sonakshi is very dominating and Ronita will always be submissive. Dev feels that to save Ronita and Saurabh’s marriage he should keep the jewellery safe. Asha overhear their conversation.

Meanwhile when Dev is keeping the jewellery back Bijoy sees him and puts all the blame on him. Saurabh is also very tensed and all the family members are shocked. Bijoy is screaming on top of his voice and Sonakshi is also shocked. Dev gives signal to Asha to keep mum and he looks at Soha just hoping that she doesn’t take him wrong. Dev justifies himself and goes back to his room. Soha comes in the room and tells Dev that she saw the secret signals between him and Asha and assures Dev to keep it a secret. She tells him that he can never be wrong.

Asha comes and tells Dev that she should have spoken from his side. But Dev tells that Ronita’s mom is insecure and he doesnt want Ronita and Saurabh marriage to be in trouble. Meanwhile Sonakshi after speaking to Jatin comes to Dev’ s room and overhears conversation between Asha and Dev. Asha also sees Sonakshi. Sona asks Asha as to why she didnt reveal the truth. Dev tries to explain her but all in vain. In turn Asha scolds Sona and tells her that Asha will take all decisions. Ishwari calls Dev and tells her prgm for Vaishno Devi. Dev tells her to pray for Soha and him.

PRECAP: Dev tells Ishwari that Soha doesn’t want to live at Dixit house so he and Sonakshi will live in a separate house. Ishwari is shocked.