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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd May 2017 Written Update. Dev to express his feelings to Sonakshi.                                                       The episode starts where Dev stops Sonakshi as she is making him sleep. Dev expresses his love to Sona saying her beautiful. She makes him sleep and tries to go away smoothly but he again stops her. He tells her that he gave her immense difficulties still she loved him and took care of his family. Meanwhile Ronita shouts at Saurabh for having affair and he tells her the reality. Dev again asks for forgiveness and says he can’t live without her. He still loves her alot and wants to stay with her and Soha.

Dev keeps on asking her whether she can again love her. He cries and sleeps. On the other hand Ronita gets a beautiful necklace from Saurabh as a gift which was helped by his friend Kanika. Sonakshi goes to Mamiji and threatens her to tell the truth else she will tell Dev everything. Mamiji accepts her fault. Radha Rani tells Vicky about Sonakshi threatening and Vicky gets irritated. He takes a vow to kick Sonakshi out of the house.

Sonakshi breaks down and cries remembering old memories and accepts that she is getting attracted towards him again. Dev gets up and his police officer friend calls up for his meeting with Khatri in jail. Dev tries to find out Sonakshi and asks Elena. Elena calls Asha and tells about Dev and Sonakshi’s closeness. Dev tries to find her out and Sonakshi runs away from him. He asks Sona about the last night and she tells him everything about his feelings expressed to her. Sona makes a decision that from now on they both will distance themselves.

PRECAP: Sonakshi sees Dev’s hand which is hurt and she takes care of him. Radha Rani shows Ishwari their closeness.