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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd May Written Update.  The episode starts with Sona, Dev and Soha together in a car. Soha shares everything with Sona and Dev is happy to know this. Soha wants to visit Asha so Dev takes her there. Asha is happy to see both of them together along with Soha. Sonakshi speaks to her mother about​ Her and Dev’s relationship. She clarifies her doubts and Dev overhears the conversation just to ​verify whether Sonakshi is telling Asha about Ishwari’s secret. Sona doesn’t tell her anything but hears something falling outside the window.

When Sona goes out she sees Dev overhearing them and then he falls down. Sona taunts him and Dev requests to pick him. When she tries she falls on top of him and they share a cute moment together. Asha comes and sees both of them together in this situation. Dev gets a call from someone and he tells Sona to find out about that family. Sona takes him to the chawl where Ishwari is treated as God even doing such a crime.

Dev and Sona sit for a coffee together at the same cafe and share some easy relaxed moments. Vicky is following them and tells Radha Rani to proceed with her plan. When Sona and Dev come back Radha Rani offers both of them juice with sleeping tablets mixed but Sona sees it so she doesn’t drink. Dev drinks it and starts to feel drowsy. She takes him to the room and when she is leaving him Dev says that she is again leaving him.

PRECAP: Dev compliments Sonakshi.