Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 4th April 2017 Written Update. Sona and Dev’S Big Fight! The episode starts with Dev and Sona arguing and fighting with each other. Dev scolds Sona and tells her that it was both of them responsible for their failed marriage. Dev argues with her that Sona wanted Saurabh and Ronita’s marriage to fail and she has become just like him seven years ago. Sonakshi gets irritated and calls Jatin to confirm about what Dev told her. Asha comes to speak to Dev but he refuses to discuss about Sonakshi. Asha says that she understands his situation but Sona also faced lot of problems. Dev argues that he doesn’t want to forgive her because it was not only him who left the relationship.

Ishwari sees a bad dream in which Dev tells her that he, Soha and Sonakshi are shifting to a new house as Soha doesn’t want to live at Dixit house and she gets worried. She tells Mamaji to meet Soha and Dev before going to Vaishno Devi. They both go and meet them. Meanwhile Asha meets Ronita’s mom and tells her that she should have not have done such a drama. She assures that Sonakshi will not interfere in Ronita and Saurabh’s life. Ronita overhears Asha and her mom’s conversation and she gets disgusted with her actions. Ishwari meets Dev and Soha and tells them that she is leaving for Vaishno Devi; will pray for both of them. Meanwhile Golu starts staying at the Bose house.

Golu and Soha are conversing and Soha sees their marriage picture which he brings for her. She tells him that his mom always used to say that Dev never cared for her and doesn’t know how to handle relationships. Dev overhears and gets upset. Bijoy comes and incites him saying that he is a thief along with Saurabh. After sometime Dev loses his patience and blasts at Bijoy which irks Sonakshi. Sonakshi and Dev start fighting and she tells him to leave the house as the deal is cancelled between them regarding Soha but Dev refuses to go. Asha comes and scolds everyone and tell them to go to their respective rooms.

PRECAP: Asha explains Dev and Sona to forget everything and live together peacefully for Soha else she will take away Soha along with her.