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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 4th May 2017 Written Update.                                                 The episode starts Dev meeting with Khatri. He starts asking him about the family in a low tone. Khatri doesn’t tell him​and says rubbish things about Ishwari. Dev doesn’t control himself and starts hitting him badly. Prakash his police officer friend comes and controls Dev. He advises him to get Sonakshi so that she can speak to Khatri. Dev comes back hurting himself and Soha gives him first aid.

Dev finds about Sonakshi’s whereabouts and goes to meet her at Bose house. She comes and sees Dev in hurt condition. She scolds him and takes care of him. Radha Rani and Ishwari are coming back and see Sonakshi and Dev together happy. Ishwari becomes jealous of their being together and Radha Rani adds fuel to fire. Ishwari comes back and cries in front of God so that Sona leaves Dev. Soha comes and tells that she missed her Dadi alot as they will be going today back.

Sonakshi speaks to Prakash and asks him to get a search warrant for Khatri’s house. Dev and Sona share some moments together. On the other hand, Ronita Saurabh and Asha are fighting as to who will make food for Soha but Sona calls and tells her that she has postponed her programme to another week. Sonakshi and Dev come back and Ishwari sees them together. She remembers all the past events and Radha Rani’s words. She keeps on seeing both of them together. Sonakshi announces that Soha can stay for one more week. Mamaji is happy but Radha Rani and Ishwari gets perturbed. Sona takes Dev along with her as she gets a phone call.

PRECAP: Sona tells Dev that Khatri is not ready to tell anything. She asks him whether he had trust over her. Ishwari sees this.