Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th April 2017 Written Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th April 2017 Written Update. Dev and Sona to compromise for Soha. The episode starts with Asha scolding and upset with Sona, telling that her upbringings failed and she did not obey her at all. Sonakshi understands Asha’s point and tells her that it was her fault too. She brings Dev and Sona together in a room and scolds them for behaving as kids. She tells them that this is the time when they should start being like Soha’s parents else she will take her to somewhere away from them. They both promise not to fight with each other. Meanwhile Ronita calls Saurabh and tries to tell him the truth behind the chori drama but he doesnt listen.

Sona and Dev again start fighting with each other but then conclude that they will not fight and will live peacefully for Suhana. Ronita comes to meet Saurabh and tells everything about her mom’s behaviour and Saurabh is shocked. ┬áDev goes into the living room where everyone is sitting quietly as Asha has given orders to do so. But still Bijoy and Dev’s tashan continues. Ronita calls and wants to speak to Dev; she thanks him and Dev behaves as if he is the thief. Bijoy is happy to see this. Dev goes to the kitchen and starts helping Asha. He cooks fish for Soha as it is her favourite dish. Sona and Bijoy all are shocked. On the dining table Asha tells that Dev has cooked fish for Soha but Bijoy again starts his tashan and unwanted speech.

Soha comes with Jatin and tells that she had burger so she will not be able to eat Dev’s cooked food. Dev becomes disheartened and leaves without eating the food. Golu comes and tells about a game which has Jatin and Soha in one team and Golu and Dev in another. Dev is shocked; he reaches the room where Soha is dancing with Jatin and Dev feels neglected. Soha falls and Dev goes to bring the spray but Jatin had already made Soha feel better. Dev goes away from the room and hearing their voices becomes jealous.

PRECAP: Dev comes to Sona and complains of Jatin being present all the time. He tells her that he wants to spend time with Soha alone not along with Jatin. He asks her what is Jatin to her and she says everything.