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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th May 2017 Written Update. Sonakshi- Khatri confrontation.┬áThe episode starts with Mamaji explaining Radha Rani to think positive about Sonakshi but she keeps on inciting Ishwari against her. Sonakshi and Dev are talking to each other about Khatri. Sona gives confidence to Dev that she will handle this situation in a much better way. Ishwari sees this and becomes tensed. She inquires from Elena about Dev and Sonakshi’s relationship. She denies everything. Sonakshi meets Khatri and tells him that Dev is planning to kill him. So she makes a deal with him that if he gives the address she will free him.

Khatri accepts her offer and even the money which she gives him. He gives her the address. Dev keeps on calling Sonakshi but she doesn’t pick up. Sona calls him and tells the whole story. Dev is very happy that she got the address and thanks for helping him and his family. Ishwari overhears them. She asks Dev about he being tensed. He says that he is very happy with the changes of his life. Ishwari gets shocked after Dev hugs her.

Khatri after coming out of jail and mocks at Sona. He tells her that he took money from her and even gave the wrong address. Sonakshi is shocked and disturbed. She comes back and tells Dev. Dev gets irritated and scolds Sona for not listening to him. Dev again misunderstands her and says his mother’s self respect is at stake bcoz of her. Someone starts following Khatri to see where he lives. And finally it is Jatin.

PRECAP: Jatin tells Sona that she was right in interpreting about Khatri. She says that she knew and didn’t trust him. Dev overhears her.