Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 6th April 2017 Written Update: The episode starts with Dev getting irritated at Sona for Jatin being always with Soha. Sona explains to Dev that Jatin was always there with Sona and Soha whether it was her delivery or if Soha wanted to confide something. He was the first to pick up Soha in his hands. He has been a fatherly figure for her. So Dev coolly says that it is Sonakshi’s house so he will not fight with her but when they go at Dev’s place then it would be his rules and regulations. Jatin is telling a story to Soha and Dev comes and tells Jatin to leave as it is Soha’s time to sleep. Jatin tells Sona that he is leaving but she gets irritated with Dev. Jatin explains her that after all Dev is Soha’s dad.

Radha rani tries to instigate Golu but he gets irritated and hangs up the phone. Even Vicky also tries to do the same with Bijoy making him doubtful about Dev’s deeds. Elena gets irritated with Radha rani and taunts her for breaking the house. On the other hand, Jatin comes to Asha and Bijoy and tells him he is going for some meeting for some days. But they come to know that he is leaving because of ill effect on Dev-Soha’s relation. Asha scolds him and convinces him to stay back. Elena tells Vicky and Radha Rani that she will go to attend Saurabh Dada’s function and no one can stop her. She even threatens Radha rani that she would tell all her deeds to Ishwari and Dev.

Sona and Soha get ready for breakfast while Dev is still sleeping. Everyone is enjoying the breakfast without knowing that Dev has made it. As soon as Bijoy comes to know he makes fuss over it. Dev is helping for Saurabh’s haldi ceremony and his honeymoon visa to USA. Bijoy hears all this and remembers Vicky’s words so he starts shouting at Dev for unnecessary being over friendly with the family members. Dev remains silent. Asha and Bijoy greet everyone for the haldi ceremony. When Elena comes he gets irritated and leaves the place. Jatin introduces himself to Elena and Dev gives a saracastic comment of him being Sonakshi’s best friend.

PRECAP: Accidentally during the haldi ceremony kids are playing cricket and the ball goes inside the haldi thaal and Bijoy scolds Golu. Dev tries to intervene but Bijoy shouts at him too. Asha tries to control the tashan between Dev and Bijoy.