Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 6th July 2017 Written Update, Written Episode Update.

Dev changes the topic and tells Ishwari that he wants to eat halwa.  Sonakshi asks her if they can go to restaurant. Ishwari agrees. On the other hand Riya explains Nikky that she forgot everything when she saw Dev at her door, she tells her that he has done so many things for them. While Ishwari, Sonakshi and Dev goes to restaurant and Sonakshi tells her that they have something to tell her,  Ishwari says the same.

Riya tries to explain her that she should change for the sake of the family.  She asks her to keep her in place of Dev and think. Laksh agrees to Riya, and asks Nikky to forgive Dev.  At the restaurant Sonakshi sees Nikky and Laksh coming in while Ishwari at the washroom. She panics and searches for Ishwari.

Ishwari comes and they leave, Nikky notices Ishwari,  Dev and Sonakshi.  And gets emotional. While Sonakshi and Dev go to get the car,  the man at the office sees Ishwari and talks to her. Dev drops Nikky but Nikky dont understand the situation and yells at Dev. Sonakshi asks Ishwari if she is doing a job.

She tells since two days. Sonakshi feels happy for her.  Dev comes and asks her the matter, Sonakshi tells that Ishwari is doing a job since two days. Dev gets surprised nd upset and leaves.  At home Radha rani tells her to quit the job and go to temple as dev will be happy then she will be happy too. Chachaji taunts Radha rani aboit the situation. Asha tries to call her but Ishwari don’t lift the phone.

Ishwari tells Sonakshi that she wants to do the job for her happiness but not for her needs.  Dev arrives, Ishwari calls him but he doesn’t respond. She gets emotional. Chachaji go to Dev and try to explain him,  but Dev gets frustrated remembering his childhood days and leaves.  He sits in a corner and feels bad, Sonakshi tells him that he is right in his place so as Ishwari. He gets angry and goes to his room.

PRECAP : Sonakshi while having breakfast calls Dev but he doesn’t respond. She goes to him and yells, Dev says that let Ishwari do what she wants to do.  Later Sonakshi asks Ishwari to fight for her happiness no matter with whom.