Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th April 2017 Written Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th April 2017 Written Update- Dev and Bijoy Truth and Dare Game. The episode starts with Golu getting bored in Saurabh’s haldi ceremony. Dev advises Golu to play ball but don’t disturb anyone. Haldi ceremony starts and everyone starts putting haldi but the ball goes inside the bowl of haldi. Bijoy gets irritated and starts scolding Golu but Dev intervenes and they both start fighting with each other. Asha tries to control but they don’t listen so she decides to lock them in a room until they solve their fight. They try to convince and call people but no one comes to their rescue. Sona puts haldi on Saurabh and the ceremony concludes with peace. Sona comes and tells Asha to open the lock but she refuses and tells that they are not listening to her at all; made a fish market of her house.

Golu comes back to Dixit house with upset face and Radha rani asks him but Elena gives a fake answer. Radha rani tries to instigate Golu against Dev by making him eat ice-cream. Dev and Bijoy tashan starts and they again start fighting. Bijoy then takes out a scotch from his almirah and they both start drinking. They get heavily drunk and start playing truth and dare. Dev asks Bijoy to choose and he chooses dare. He asks Bijoy as to why he hates Dev and he tells him the reason that he is the father of a girl who loved him dearly but Dev hurt her so badly that he couldnt do anything.

They are playing the game but Dev deals with Bijoy to get a way out of the room. He tells Bijoy to be good to him as he is going to be only for next two days. He should forget all the old things Dev did with his daughter or him. He is convinced by the deal and they start dancing together. Asha comes with Saurabh and Sona; they are shocked to see Bijoy and Dev dancing together. Sona realises that they have gulped one whole bottle of Scotch whiskey. Bijoy develops pain in the chest and falls down.

PRECAP: Bijoy is admitted to the hospital and doctor tells that his BP was out of control so he is still in the critical zone. Dev apologizes to Sona and she reacts that if something happens to her father she as well as Soha will never forgive him.