Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th August 2017 Written Update, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th August 2017 Written Episode.

Asha gets shocked when she learns what happened at the Dixit house. Asha says she is with Eleena and tells her that if she needs help, she is with her.

Dev meets Golu in school but Golu doesn’t interact with Dev. However, Dev tries to convince Golu but ignores him. But Golu says he won’t come to the Dixit house as he didn’t stop him from leaving the house. Golu says you could have stopped me but you didn’t. Dev says sorry to Golu but he leaves in anger.

Sonakshi comes to meet Eleena. She asks her to think about Golu and talk to them. However, Eleena says Dev came to meet Golu but he didn’t agree to come to the Dixit house. Sonakshi meets Golu but Eleena pulls him. Eleena clears to Sonakshi that she won’t come till Dev don’t apologise to Vicky. Golu runs away in anger while Vicky acts innocent.

Sonakshi tells what happened at Eleena’s house to Dev and he gets shocked when Sonakshi reveals Golu didn’t agree to come to the Dixit house. Dev gets upset as Golu don’t want to come back. In morning, Dev comes to down and Sonakshi stops Mr. Diixt. Dev wishes her good morning and gives the excuse of a meeting. Sonakshi looks at Dev’s dress and questions him but Dev convinces her.

While on other hand, Suhana says she hates them as Dev didn’t stop Golu from leaving. Suhana also decides to not go to the school. Sonakshi gets a call and finds about the meeting. Dev comes to meet Golu again with his bike and tries to take him back to home. However, he disagrees but Dev kidnaps Golu and takes him to home. Radha Rani hugs Golu and everyone gets happy to see Golu. While Vicky comes to the Dixit house and Soha runs to him. Dev gets shocked seeing Vicky and Golu looks on. Radha gets happy to have Vicky back home. She invites him to come inside but Vicky refuses to step in. He reveals that Dev got Golu here without asking them, he came here to take Golu. Dev and Vicky argues. Suhana and Golu gets ready to leave for school and asks Vicky to drop them.

PRECAP: The teacher reveals that Golu and Soha were absent 3 days in last week.


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