Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th July 2017 Written Update, Written Episode.

The Episode starts with Dev remembering his childhood when Ishwari was used to be scolded by the superiors in her work.  Sonakshi sees him upset. Next morning Ishwari goes to Asha,  Sonakshi comes and welcomes Asha. Later Sonakshi sits next to Ishwari and explains to her that she should fight for her rights even if it’s with Dev.

She tells that she will be happy if she do this. Sonakshi goes to Dev and tells him that she is very lucky as she got such a  nice husband. She asks him to think wisely in this phase of life. Dev comes down and sees Ishwari talking to Asha about the job. He listens that she was waiting for Dev,  Ishwari sees Dev going and tries to talk to him but he leaves.

At office Laksh wonders why Ishwari has not come yet. Nikky comes their to meet intern aunty, Laksh tells her that she would be very happy to meet her.  They have some romantic talks. At Bhose’s house they have some nokjhok. Ishwari gets the call from office to do some office work as Laksh told her to do.

Ishwari gets the laptop and tries hard to open it and try to work on it. Sonakshi sees her and feels happy about her.  She thinks about Dev if he could forget Ishwari. On the other hand frustrated Vicky plans to take over the whole bussiness along with Radha rani.  Asha prepares favourate food of Sourav, she says that mother’s also can do everything and their children should understand them,  in the favour of Ishwari.

Sourav understands her and appreciates. Sonakshi and Ishwari tries talk to Dev but he ignores them and leaves.  Sonakshi angrily goes to Dev and tells him not to behave like a kid.  Sonakshi tells him that she is happy, and she says that Ishwari is not doing anything for the sake of many or anything. She tells him that she wants to learn new things.

Meanwhile, Dev gets a message from Ishwari in English apologizing to him. Sonakshi and Dev get happy and sends her that he loves him. Ishwari reads it and gets emotional.

PRECAP: Sonakshi and Dev go to the office where Ishwari works and they come to know that the owner of the company is none other than Laksh.