Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 8th June 2017 Written Update,┬áKuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update. The Episode starts with soha asking sonakshi if she will not feel guilty after dev gets married to another girl. Ishwari enters and starts explaining her that a kids advice is sometimes the best advice. Elena talks with asha on phone about sonakshi getting jealous . Asha asks her to give her updates about the house. Bejoy gets happy that dev is getting married to another girl. Sonakshi enters the bhose house, seeing bejoy happy about dev’s marriage sonakshi gets angry saying that he does not want dev and sonakshi to be happy any time. Bejoy gets shocked. He says that dev is trying to make hatred towards him in sonakshi, saying that she never spoke to him like that.

Radha rani calls sonakshi and asks her weather she was finding dev. She says that dev likes nisha and asks her not to be inbetween them. Sonakshi sees dev setting gajra in nisha’s hair . Dev says that he had done this work before. Sonakshi keeps staring dev. Gajra falls down, then dev and sonakshi tries to pick up at the same time. Nisha says that she didn’t Knew that she would come. Sonakshi says that ahw has came becausw of soha is having a class. Dev and sonakshi tries to grab gajra while ut breaks. They both taunt wach other. Dev grabs her. Nisha enters. Dev says that he wants to get married as soon as possible. While sourav and pronitha discusses about the marriage asha comes in and tells that all this is drama. Bejoy over hears the conversation. And he gets angry. He says that he will see how dev dixit gets married.

Radha rani tells to vicky that dev agrees to the marruage proposal and that he wants to get married as soon as possible. Dev calls asha but bejoy lifts the call and dev says that tomorrow is his engagement . Bejoy tells that they will definitely come. Dev tells the plan about shopping and asks him to tell sonakshi. Asha says that she will go and tell it to sonakshi.

Asha goes to sona and tells her that dev tried ro call her. Asha aska her to talk with dev. Sonakshi says that she dont want. Golu and soha have some nok jhok and in the convo and soha says about the plan and asks him not to tell anyone. Dev goes to sona and gets cloths for him and asks sonakshi to select. Sonakshi tells him to do it on his own. He asks her to select one by one. And also asks her to come for engagement on time. Dev says that she is the reason who forced him to get married. And asks her to be with him till the end.

PRECAP: Dev and Ishwari discusses about sonakshi wondering, that why she is not accepting the truth that she loves him. Dev says that might be because he had made her cry, and also it might be because of you (ishwari).