kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi 8th march 2017 written update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update: Mamaji tells Ishwari to b happy as Soha is at home but she is irritated and tensed by the fact that Soha has all the habits of Sonakshi. She doesnt have the innocence of a child. She decides to make Suhana as Suhana Dixit from Miss Suhana Bose. Saurabh is irked that Ronita revealed everything to her mother but Sona explains him the importance of trust on your partner. Saurabh decides to speak to Ronita. Meanwhile Golu decides to play blindfold game with Soha, Dev warns them but Soha says she will take care. Ronita’s mother comes at Bose house and explains her dissatisfaction over Sona and Dev’s broken relationship. Sona explains her that its better to end the relationship than to keep it uselessly all life. Ronita’s mother explains that a daughter needs both the parents but in the end says its Sona’s┬álife knows better.

Sona remembers her olden days where she got Soha vaccinated without her father and seeing another couple together with their child. While playing Soha gets hurt and Elena scolds Golu. The whole house gets panicked and Dev brings first aid. Golu apologizes and Dev remembers his agreement. He decides to drop her home. he comes back and stops DK to clean the house he wants to recollect his daughter’s memories. He wants her back in Dixit house and misses her.

Next day its school and there is a notice of a summer camp on the board. Soha and Golu become excited to go to the summer camp and Dev supports them that he will b there. Dev gets a phone call from the office abt the success of his 100 crore deal and he has to leave for Australia the next day. He cancels the plan and says that nothing is more important than his daughter. Soha sees this and becomes excited that he left the deal bcoz of her.

PRECAP: Soha tells everyone at Bose house abt the summer camp. Sona decides to go with her and Dev with Golu.