Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 8th May 2017 Written Update.                                                The episode starts with Dev thinking about taking out a way and information from Khatri. Jatin calls Sona and tells about Khatri’s​ house. She instructs to follow Khatri and even thanks him. Dev overhears their conversation and feels sorry for it. He gets irritated with himself and starts speaking with Golu cursing himself and acting like Sonakshi. On the other hand Ronita and Saurabh share some emotional moments watching a romantic movie.

Sona comes and overhears his acting. Dev apologizes to Sona and she explains him that she wants to protect his family but he always misunderstands her. Dev understands her point and gets pardon from him. Jatin takes the help of Saurabh to search Khatri’s house.

Meanwhile Mamaji and Ishwari share some emotional moments with Ishwari expressing her insecurity against Sonakshi. Soha and Golu come to cheer up Ishwari with songs. On the other hand Radha Rani tries to find out solution on internet but Vicky comes and explains the way to get Sonakshi out of the house. He gives ideas for Dev’s remarriage. Jatin goes inside the house to search Khatri’s house and gets a photo album. Asha is tensed about Bijoy knowing that Sona is not coming home and going to stay for one more week when Ishwari is present in that house. She is sharing it with Saurabh and Ronita when Bijoy overhears it.

PRECAP: Sona is packing her suitcase and Dev stops her from leaving but she insists that now nothing can be done. Their tashan continues.