Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th August 2017 Written Update, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update.

The episode starts with Sonakshi’s and Ishwari talking about convincing Dev so that Vicky could come back. Dev overhears the conversation and reacts abruptly saying that she knows Vicky did so many misdeeds with them still she’s supporting him. Even Ishwari tries to explain Dev but he gets furious over and starts fighting over children being brought up in joint family as well as nuclear family. He shouts and goes away.

Soha gets irritated and takes out cell of the clock as she is sad. Ishwari comes and sees Soha hiding something so she decides to make her realise that her parents are making some big plans for her. On the other hand Dev and Sonakshi are discussing about different themes as well as party ideas. Suddenly they start arguing over the flavor part of Soha and Ishwari as well as soha overhears then. She becomes depressed and Golu speaks to her wishing in advance.

Vicky again plays his trick and tells Elena that he will stay outside and Golu will go and wish Soha to make her happy. Suhana is sad and Ishwari consoles her but Golu comes and wishes her. Ishwari asks Golu about seeking permission from Vicky and Elena and comes to know that Vicky is standing outside. Ishwari feels sad and decides to speak both of them.

But she sees both of them fighting and playing as well as trying to bake a cake for her. Ishwari laughs and prays that this love should always remain. They also share some beautiful romantic moments together and Dev recollects the day Suhana was born as he was not present there. Sona tells that Jatin was there to help her way to the hospital.

On the other hand,  Saurabh is tensed as cheques have been bounced and meetings postponed. Then Asha and Bijoy reminds him of Soha’s birthday. Golu boosts up Soha on her birthday and Vicky comes to wish her. On the other hand, dev and soha bake the cake recollecting old memories of Soha’s birth. Dev and Sona speak to each other about Soha’s excitement for her birthday and when enter the room she is fast asleep while Vicky and Golu are hiding near the bed.

PRECAP: Dev gives Suhana a surprise for her birthday to be celebrated in a big way but he is not able to find Sona there.


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