Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th June 2017 Written Update, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update. The episode starts with with bejoy saying not to worry about sonakshi. He says that this is not the first time that she is late. Asha says that she will suffer because of him. Bejoy says its because of dev dixit. Asha worries a lot and decides to talk with Ishwari. Asha goes to dixit house and faces radha rani. She taunts her about the marriage, vicky also joins them. Radha rani tries to give her sweets but asha denies.

Ishwari stops radha rani saying that she doesn’t want any sweets. Ishwari and asha goes to her room. Ishwari says that its because all her. Asha explains her that its not her fault. Suhana enters the room and says that dev is doing acting. Ishwari and asha gets relieved by hearing soha’s words. Ishwari hugs her affectionately. Soha asks ishwari not to worry saying that she and golu will handle the situation.  Dev enters quitely into the sonakshi’s office. Dev calls her, and asks her if he was disturbing her. Sonakshi says that she was sleeping. And tells him not to disturb her. And cuts the phone. Bejoy enters the office room. Bejoy says that he understands all her feelings. And says that he does not hate dev. He tries to influence her about not to stop the marriage. Dev seeing all these thinks what he is doing. Bejoy leaves the office sometime later.

Dev goes inside while sonakshi sleeps and starts gazing her. He murmurs that short haie does suit her and starts appreciating her. He in himself says that she shouldnt get scared. He wants her to stop the marriage for him. Dev leaves after that. And goes to his room. Ishwari comes to dev and asks him if he had gone to sonakshi. And says that she has the same objective as him. Dev tells ishwari that sonakshi loves him a lot. But she wont agree that she do. Dev says that she might be the reason for why she is not coming. Ishwari starts wondering how she might be the reason for the hatred of sonakshi. Ishwari says that many hearts would suffer. Because of this marriage.

Ishwari asks him how she can get back sonakshi to him. Dev says all depends on sonakshi. Next day we Radha rani yells at workers saying to do the work fast. Vicky enters the scene. Radha rani aska the worket to make a protein shake for vicky. But vicky denies. Radha rani goes to ishwari and starts praising her for no reason. Ishwari feels exhausted.

PRECAP : Ishwari requests sonakshi to come back in dev’s life and make her life happy as well. And also says that every one would be happy if she comes back emotionally. Sonakshi joins her both hands and says that she cant.