kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi 9th March 2017 Written update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th March 2017 Written Update: Soha comes home and tells about the summer camp to Asha, Bijoy, Sona and Jatin excitedly. Sona tells that Soha is most important for her. Bijoy is worried about guardian accompanying them but Soha tells them Golu’s Big Cha is going as her guardian and he had signed the form. Vicky is angry with the cancellation of 100 crore deal but Elena tells him to calm down. Dev comes to his house with Golu and Vicky questions him. But he tells to calm down and informs that his daughter is also going with him so he can cancel anything for her. Bijoy is tensed about Sona going with Soha but she tells him that it doesnt affect her.

Next morning Sona goes with Soha to the summer camp and stands in line to fill up the form. Sona introduces herself to other parents but the mothers are busy in staring at Dev who is coming with Golu on a bike. They even make a remark that why Sona left such a handsome husband. Dev comes in line and sees Sonakshi passes comments about the beautiful weather.

Golu comes and meets Sona; tells her that he will call her Big┬áChi and insists on it but Dev comes to his rescue and their tashan continues. Meanwhile Soha comes and asks Dev that hope he is not angry with her. He says no to it. Golu says y do u call him Mr. Dixit but Dev says its not in the name and his relationship with her will not change with it whosoever tries it. Sona and Dev’s taunt continues.

Golu informs Dev that his room no. is 29 and Soha’s room is 7 so they will not be able to spend time with her. She goes in the room and Soha goes out to play. Sona comes out of the room and sees Dev there asks him that his room is 29 then how come he is there. The teacher comes out and tells him that this room is comfortable for him. Dev flirts with her and Sona gets jealous and irritated.

PRECAP: The door gets locked and Dev comes to rescue and Devakshi romance starts.