Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th May 2017 Written Update.                                                 The episode starts Bijoy coming to Dixit house to take Sona and Soha back. Dev and Bijoy share some tashan moments. Dev finally gives him a chair as he doesn’t come inside the house. Radha Rani keeps on inciting Ishwari against Sonakshi so as to keep Dev and Sonakshi separate as they have been doing these seven years. But Ishwari initially resists and requests Radha Rani to stay out of it. But Radha Rani Still incites her and gives idea of remarriage of Dev. Ishwari also thinks about the idea.

Dev calls Sonakshi to attend to her father. Bijoy gets furious and scolds Sona for staying for a week at Dixit’s. Dev intervenes but Ishwari agrees with Bijoy’s statements. Sona and Dev try to resist it but Ishwari is also stubborn about it. So they all decide including Dev to go back to Bose House. Dev comes back and stops Sonakshi from leaving the house. They again spend some tashan moments.

On the other hand Bijoy comes back and announces that Soha and Sona are coming back but rest all of them are furious with him especially Saurabh. He shouts at Bijoy for interfering in their lives. Meanwhile Radha Rani and Vicky start talking about their plans against Sonakshi and Dev. Ishwari partially hears them and comes to share her insecurities. She feels bad that Soha is leaving and talks about the sour relationship of Dev and Sonakshi. Dev overhears it and tells Sona about it. They share some sweet moments together about their past.

PRECAP: Sonakshi comes and tells Soha about their going back to Bose House, but Soha wants to stay more with her Dadi.