Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi August 24 aka Episode 127 Written update is here. Today’s episode starts with Ishwari eagerness for getting Sonakshi married. Ishwari’s insecurities for Dev is increasing again. Dev is angry on Tina for not doing the work at time, Dev is losing his temper post his breakup with Sonakshi. Dev now starts remembering his old days with Sonakshi, he is remember their first rain dance and the special dance with Sonakshi wearing saree. Ishwari enters in Dev’s room and Dev keeps his head on Ishwari’s lap, both sharing good time and Ishwari seems happy while Dev is upset but hiding. Mami Jee also joins Ishwari and Dev, she starts taunting Dev about his love mistake with Sonakshi. While Dev is silent, Ishwari says Dev did nothing wrong and he is giving sometime to her also, and Dev gets angry on Ishwari for this.

Sonakshi is now in garden and she is doing gardening. Her hand got a small cut and she starts remember her old days with Dev. Sonakshi tells Asha that she wants to talk to Ritwik. Later, Sonakshi and Ritwik are in coffee shop.

Dialogues in coffee shop:-

Ritwik: Tum bahut cute ho Sonakshi

Sonakshi: Mei kissii sey pyar krti thi

Sonakshi: Mera breakup hua dil tuta..

Sonakshi tells to Ritwik that she had a breakup. Sonakshi tells that my family is not forcing but she herself wants to marry as soon as possible. Both are having good time together.


Sonakshi: Mei move on krna chati ho.. Lekin mujhe.. Mujhe..

Ritwik: Help ki zaroot hai

Sonakshi: Han

Ritwik had some fun with Sonakshi and he says your ex-boyfriend was a big fool as he left you. Its a new day and Ishwari is seen in Dev’s room and she doesn’t want Dev to get remainder of Sonakshi. Its night and now raining. Dev is waiting outside Sonakshi’s house as he wants to see her once. Dev is restless to see Sonakshi and Sonakshi comes in a car with Ritwik and Dev is shattered! Ritwik and Sonakshi both are having fun and smiling. Dev leaves emotionally in car. Sonaskhi felt that Dev was here. Dev is shattered and he comes to his home. He is unable to stand and he walking restlessly in his room. Sonakshi is feeling that Dev is in trouble.


Sonakshi to Eleena: Move on krna bhaut muskil huta hai…

The episodes ends…

Precap: Dev is browsing social media website in his laptop. He saw a post regarding Sonakshi and Ritwik getting married. He is unable to believe and in anger he throws the laptop… Ishwari seen him throwing the laptop and shocked completely.


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