kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi August 25 aka Episode 128 Written update is here. Today’s episode starts with Eleena and Sonakshi conversation. Eleena says to the upset Sonakshi that Dev should suffer as he had done wrong with her. However, Sonakshi says Dev should be well forever, I hope. Now it’s Dev’s room, and he is remembering Ritwik and Sonakshi’s conversation.


Dev: Kaun tha, aur Sonakshi smile kyu kr rhi thi?

Dev: Sayad dost tha

Eleena is having fun with Sonakshi. Eleena says that good thing about Ritwik is he is not having a mother. So, Sonakshi will not face a insecure mother-in-law hinting towards Ishwari. Eleena says Sonakshi that you should now forget Dev as he had already forget her (Sonakshi). Its again Dev’s room and Dev is browsing Facebook and founds about Sonakshi-Ritwik marriage news. He is unable to believe that Sonakshi wants to marry someone else.


Dev: Sonakshi aisea nahi kr skti.. Mere sath…

After seeing the marriage news, Dev throws the laptop and Ishwari comes in Dev’s room. Dev doesn’t tell the reason he is upset and tells he is wet because of rain as his car wasn’t working. Ishwari says Dev that she is bringing the turmeric milk, however, Dev remembers Sonakshi’s scene and stops Ishwari.

Its a new day. Dev has gone to office without taking Ishwari’s blessing and she is shocked. However, she thinks Dev might be busy. Dev now calls Ishwari and feels sorry for not taking her blessings.

Ishwari: Dev chalagya? Bina mera ashirvad liye?

Dev calls Ishwari: Maa. Mujhe maaf krdey, galti hugyi mujhse..

Radha Rani suggests Ishwari to make besan ka halva. However, Mama Jee is wondering about Dev’s current situation. In office, Dev is now trying to forget thinking about Sonakshi. However, he is restless and trying to play golf but unable to do it. Dev now checks his album of Sonakshi and his photo and feels upset. In Bose house, Sonakshi is upset and Bose family is excited for Sonakshi’s marriage. Dev now hires a detective to get details of Ritwik’s background and more.

In Bose house, Sonakshi is remembering Dev’s word and remembers her rain dance. She is crying. However, Asha consoles her. Asha also says Dev is not at all sad and you shouldn’t be sad too, Sonakshi. Now, Sonakshi wants to see Dev and Dev also wants to see her. Sonakshi comes to Ishwari’s house and she is remembering her early days in Dixit house. Ishwari is shocked to see Sonakshi in her house.

Precap: Sonakshi is trying to find something that she lost in Dixit house. Actually, she wants to see Dev. Ishwari is taunting Sonakshi that she has nothing in Dixit house hinting about Dev.


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