Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi August 25 aka Episode 128 Written update is here. Today’s episode continues with Sonakshi in Dixit house and having a sour conversation with Ishwari. Sonakshi has came to house to find out her lost “payal”, however she wanted to see Dev. While Ishwari keeps taunting her.


Sonakshi to Ishwari: Ab mera yaha kuch bhi nahi hai

Ishwari says Sonakshi to forget about her relation with Dev and move on. Ishwari also says your bonding wasn’t enough strong. However, this time Sonakshi doesn’t remain silent and fightback. Sonakshi says I really loved Dev and he also loved me.


Sonaskhi: Mera pyar koi mausam nahi hai…

Sonakshi tells Ishwari indirectly that Dev broke their relationship for you. Sonakshi also tells Ishwari that she (Ishwari) has won but Dev has lost everything just because Dev respects Ishwari a lot. Sonakshi tells Dev was my best friend. He always shared things with me that he had never done with Ishwari. Sonakshi tells Ishwari that one can never get a good son like Dev. The arguments starts getting rude and Ishwari-Sonakshi continues to argue. Radha joins them by shouting at Sonakshi. Radha Rani now brings a glass of water. She drunks half of the water and says I needed this much only.. And I will throw the rest water. Radha says that Dev needed Sonakshi for sometime only and he has no use of her. Radha keeps taunting Sonakshi and Sonakshi also fightback. Radha says that they will find a good bribe for Dev and get him married. Sonakshi says I pray Dev to be always happy.

Dev is now at outside Sonakshi’s house and wanting to see her once. Sonakshi knocks Dev’s car glass and argues with Dev. Sonakshi calls Dev a stalker who watches girls. Sonakshi says Dev to meet Ritwik and check everything. Dev tells Sonakshi that you haven’t engaged with Ritwik yet and Sonakshi taunts Dev that you are now doing investigation on me (Sonakshi). She says Dev to stop behaving like 16 years old boy.


Sonakshi: Just go Mr. Dixit…

Sonakshi is now in her house and she is upset. She remembers Ishwari’s rude words. Ritwik consoles her. In Dixit house, Dev is scolding Vicky for drinking in house. Ishwari says Dev that she made halva for him but Dev says no to halva. Ishwari is completely shocked. Ishwari is also thinking Sonakshi’s words. Ishwari decides to throw out everything that belongs to Sonakshi and she will throw her payal.

Sonakshi and Ritwik conversation continues.. she is talking about her ex boyfriend, Dev. She is angry because she loved Dev a lot and he left her. Sonakshi cries on Ritwik’s shoulder.

Precap: Dev says someone to make fake call to Sonakshi about bad health so that he can see her.



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