Ekta Kapoor has planned to revamp the story of Colors TV’s Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki. The show has been struggling to main its TRP and the charm of Rishi-Tanuja has been decreased over time. As reported by us earlier today, Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki will go off air in month of September.

A 6 years of leap will be introduced and Tanuja-Rishi’s baby will be seen! Yes, Tanuja will get pregnant and the baby of the couple will be introduced. Furthermore, Simi’s baby will shown too. However, Nethra and Rishi will stay together. Now you must be wondering that the show is all set to become a crap! But hold on and read below.

We have some exclusive details. Post learning the pregnancy news of Tanuja, Rishi runs to meet his baby. There will be some misunderstandings too, Rishini would have not been married to Nethra but Tanuja will believe that he has married her. Rishi and Tanuja will meet with an accident!

Post accident, a new janam of Tanuja and Rishi will be seen. They will have memory loss and start a new life. They will be part of two families and Tanuja-Rishi will get married post their reborn. What do you think of the new story line? Let us know in the comments below.