Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will now be seen witnessing some happy moments between the separated couple; Dev and Sonakshi in the upcoming episodes. So far we have seen how Dev and Sonakshi are trying their best to hide their feelings for each other.

We have seen how Dev and Nisha’s engagement has become dramatic with Nisha confronting Dev about her feelings for Sonakshi and she has also confronted Sonakshi. Nisha is now well aware of the truth that Dev and Sonakshi loves each other, hence shew ill break the engagement.

Dev willl leave the Dixit house and Sonakshi will try to trace, she will try to find Dev by searching him here and there. However, Sonakshi will fail to find Dev nut a she will see a hope of light.

Sonakshi will find Dev and they will be seen confronting each other alone for the first time after the leap. A source told us, “Sonakshi questions Dev as to why was he angry with her. They keep on arguing making each other realise that they still love. Sonaskhi asks him that he should speak out his feelings to her and Dev also tells her the same.” Sonakshi’s love confession for Dev will make happy for sure! Are you excited?