Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is now gearing up for the engagement drama. We have seen how Dev confessed her feelings for Sonakshi while she was sleeping.¬†Dev also revealed the possible reasons of Sonakshi not accepting her feelings to Ishwari.

Dev makes Ishwari realise that she should speak directly to Sonakshi. Ishwari will reach to the Bose house. Sonakshi will be shocked to see Ishwari on the day of engagement. Ishwari requests with folded hands to come in the engagement party and stop it.

She apologizes for all her misdeeds with Sona and requests her to marry Dev. Sonakshi doesn’t accept her proposal but eventually attends the engagement party. Dev and Nisha will share a romantic. Sonakshi will apparently watch Dev and Nisha’s dance and she will be indeed jealous.

Nisha sees Sonakshi’s reaction and goes to speak to her. Nisha realises that Sonakshi is still in love with Dev. Nisha will take decision and her decision will light a big drama at the engagement venue! Can you guess what could be Nisha’s decision?