Sony TV’s Beyhadh has already witnessed lots of emotional drama and outbursts with Aayan being arrested in false claims of sexual assault by Maya. Even Saanjh and Vandana couldn’t help Aayan.

Now Maya is all set to control Vandana’s life by bringing her to Maya’s house. Vandana also doesn’t have any options other than being vulnerable to her as Vandana wants to bring back her both sons and reunite their family.

But Maya starts controlling Vandana’s tastes and even her breakfast. Maya doesn’t want any interference of outside people in her house so by hook or crook she has been successful. Deliberately‚Äč she drops her mobile into the cleaning bucket and apologizes for it. Arjun and Vandana are shocked at her attitude. Immediately she gets a new one for her. Vandana knows Maya’s‚Äč obsessive attitude and she has entered Maya’s house to reunite her family. Let’s hope she makes it soon.