Sony TV’s Beyhadh is turning the tables with its twists and turns and high voltage drama. Arjun has already left his house owing to his mother Vandana’s misbehavior. Arjun also comes to know that Maya is pregnant. So Arjun is on cloud nine. He shares this news with Saanjh his best friend and only relation left in his life.

Holi is a festival of colors, dance and masti. Arjun is also fond of holi and fun alongwith Saanjh but Maya doesnt like to party around. She is very possessive infact obsessed with Arjun. She cannot share her happiness and any moments of her life without Arjun and not even with anyone. She has already created a rift between his mother and Arjun.

Now Maya is not able to take Saanjh and Arjun’ friendship too. Shee ┬áis finding ways to break it. She fumes with anger when she sees Arjun and Saanjh sharing cuddling moments during Holi with colours and masti. Arjun even plays holi with Saanjh in a pool of water which enrages Maya. Maya tries to stop Arjun but today he is in a different state of mind. He is enjoying Holi with Saanjh. So will Maya break Arjun’s friendship with Saanjh or will she punish Arjun or Saanjh? Let’s wait and watch for the excitement to unfold.