Sony tv’s Beyhadh is making waves and turns leaving viewers stunned and shocked. Arjun is already quite depressed and frustrated living with Maya all these three years. He broke all ties with his family and now is regretting for the same.

But Maya is an obsessive lover; she has made a statement in the media about her pregnancy to compel Arjun to stay with her. Arjun is adamant and rigid about leaving Maya as he has realised his mistakes and regrets leaving his family and friends especially Saanjh.

Maya seeing Arjun’s rigidity makes a masterplan to keep him next to her always. She seeks help from Vandana (Arjun’s mother) and convinces her that she is being the victim of this relationship. As evident from the media reports Vandana also realises that Arjun is not fulfilling his duties as a husband. Maya apologizes to Vandana for all those times she has been rude to her. Maya feels if she hits the right target Vandana she will get back Arjun. So let’s see what does Vandana do in this situation.