Sony Entertainments Television’s most popular show, Beyhadh will witness some new twists and dramas in the upcoming episodes. In past few episodes, Arjun and Maya are getting close to each other, and Maya will soon fall in love with Arjun. However, as we have seen in a recent promo of Beyhadh that Maya is angry on Arjun, but what is the reason? We will tell you.

In the coming episode of Beyhadh, Maya will make Arjun a permanent employee of her company and she also gives him a bonus. Arjun would be happy and he decides to celebrate with Saanjh. However, Saanjh will refuse his offer as she has to meet a boy. Arjun will decide to celebrate with Maya’s mother!

However, Maya would not be aware of Arjun is with her mother. She tries to find her mother. Later Maya will find her mother with Arjun, she gets angry on Arjun for taking her mother with him and digging too much into her life. Maya will push Arjun away as he tries to make her understand, will Maya listen to Arjun?