Zindagi Ki Mehek Upcoming Story

Zee TV’s Zindagi Ek Mahek is witnessing high voltage drama with Shaurya and Mehek’s challenges between them. The creatives have planned a dhamakedar twist keeping in mind the festival of Holi. A special Holi episode has been planned as a surprise for the viewers.

We are already seeing how Mehek left Shaurya and his house and is now on the footsteps of revenge. Soon Shaurya will invite Mehek and his family to his house for the celebration of Holi. Mehek will announce that she is going to open her own food van. This food factory will be opened just opposite Shaurya’s big restaurant and will be tough competition for him.

There is something more to it. Meanwhile Svetlana mixes bhaang in the golgppas. Unaware of the fact of bhaang in the golgppas, Shaurya and Mehek will eat them. Bhaang gets on to the nerves and makes their world go round and round. They don’t realise and start feelings for each other. They even confess their love due to their ¬†drunken state.¬†Quite an interesting drama isn’t’ it?