Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya in an interview has shared her life struggle story with Times Of India. In the interview, she stated “It was a foot fracture in 2015 that changed my life. I know it sounds unconventional in terms of life-changing incidents, but it made me go through a roller-coaster ride which gave me a whole new perspective. Back then, I was going through a tormented personal life but the broken leg is what fixed me emotionally too.

The actress further stated, “They say time heals everything. And it isn’t untrue. But physical wounds heal faster than the demons we battle in our heads. They turn our lives upside down. To get away from negativity, I was working without a break, and doing things I hadn’t done before like… having more conversations with those around me, going for long solo drives and spending time alone. I even declared myself self-engaged (bought a solitaire for myself) as I realised that I needed no external support to empower myself. I did symbolic things to make myself feel better and regain my confidence.”

Divyanka Tripathi also said, “I learnt that to be loved by others one must love oneself first. During that phase a quote resonated in my heart: “It’s not the mountains we conquer but ourselves.”