Sony TV’S Jaat Ki Jugni has been witnessing lots of high voltage drama and outbursts with Munni realising her love for Bittu but still unsure of it.

Vikram and Jyoti elope along with Bittu and Munni. Munni gets premonitions of Bittu being killed by her brothers. They get lost in the jungle and when they come on to the main road there’s some one to welcome them. Bhaiyyaji and his men are standing.

At his orders Munni and Jyoti are taken back to home. And Bittu and Vikram are taken so that they can be killed. Munni again gets tensed and rushes back to see the condition of Bittu. Bittu and Vikram are being beaten up by her brothers. When Bhaiyyaji shoots him Munni comes in between and takes the gunshot on to herself. Bittu takes Munni to hospital. Will she be able to survive?