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Naamkaran Upcoming Story, Naamkaran Upcoming Twist and Naamkaran Latest News details are available. Star Plus’ Naamkaarn airs daily on TV. You can find news at the bottom of this page.

Naamkaran Upcoming Story and Naamkaran Latest News


15 Years Later… Avni is now a grown women and we are shown that she is entering a hospital and throwing money into the donation box in a mysteries outfit. On the other hand Ali who is still cheeky but now a fit man who owns a cafe called chamko cafe just like what Avni and Ali wanted since kids. The police enter the hospital and try to find who they think is a theif (Avni) to have left the hospital but she goes to the bathroom to get changed and then bumps into into the one of the police officers named Neil. Avni then goes to the cliff where 15 Years Back she was shot and says that Dayavanti Mehtas death will be there. Avni realises that her locket (Including Neela And Ashas pictures) Cover has been lost in the hospital somewhere and is afraid that if she is caught her plans will end before they even start. At the same time Neil bumps into Avni and they both fall into the water and Neil trys to perform CPR and Avni thinks he was trying to kiss her and gets angry. They both start arguing and realize they are trapped on a beach and both try to figure a way out of there.

Naamkaran Upcoming Twist