Star Plus’ Nach Baliye 8 is creating buzz with the news of the show is fixed for Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya. Now it seems Sanaya Irani and Mohit Sehgal has been targeted for the same. They broke the silence after a long tome.

Sanaya Irani in a video revealed, “Firstly, the Nach Baliye 8 official Instagram account is anything but official and we have reconfirmed this with the channel. A concerned friend of mine showed me this article that said Mohit and Sanaya are contracted to win the show. Mohit and Sanaya get multiple retakes for their acts and Mohit and Sanaya are friendly and have personal interaction with the judges.”

She further stated, “No.1, WE DON’T GET RETAKES! If we would have got them then our acts would have been much much better. No.2, regarding the semi- final act that everybody has been talking about, the technical error was not just in our act, but in other contestants acts too.”

“No.3, we don’t have personal conversations with the judges. We speak to them when we are on the stage. They are sweet and very friendly, so there’s no harm in being nice to them. No.4, I really wish we were contracted to win! Then we wouldn’t have to work hard and have sleepless nights to put in all that extra hard work! So, shame on you! Though we know the names, we can’t take them and we also know the publication. Guys, grow up! It’s a healthy competition. Let’s get out there and win it with respect. Unfortunately, we don’t have a PR who can sling mud on other contestants and even if we had the PR, we won’t have been doing that to other contestants! So, please stop slinging mud on others! It’s really sad and disgusting! Whoever is doing it and we know who this is, please stop,” she added.

“We do not want any of our fans, if you’ll truly love us, to bash anybody.  No bashing other people because that’s not how it’s supposed to be! What has been done to us should not be done to other people! I’m requesting again- No bashing and no starting wars! Just love, peace, vote and vote for whomever you want to win,” she concluded the video with the special advise.