The most awaited DevAkshi love story will begin next week, probably on 14 June – 15 June. Dev will propose Sonakshi in a unique and surprising way.

Interestingly, Natasha will support Dev and she will force him to confess his love for Sona. Natasha will scarify her love for Dev but she later realizes that she can’t live without Dev.

Later on, Mami Jee taunts Natasha and encourage her to create differences between Dev and Sonakshi. Unfortunately, Natasha will think about it and she will try to create hurdles in Dev-Sonakshi love story.

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  1. Predictable storyline if such track comes up. Then this drama won’t be different than any other dramas. Natasha was supposed to be a positive character!!!!!

  2. Horrible….. If dis is going to b d upcoming track den it is going to b similar to other daily soaps….
    Plz change d track…

  3. If it happens like this then there vl be no difference between the all serials nd urs. But before Natasha entry u people had said that hers vl be positive role but what is going to hapoen!!!!! Don’t do the serial bore very fast. Nobody vl get interest to see the serial if the characters comeslike this….

    • We understand. She is not really a negative character, Mami Jee is taunting her and believe me, She will understand very very very soon! 🙂

  4. I never miss a single episode of ur show ,if such things happen den surely there will be no any difference between ur show & the other shows.dont make it happen like a typical saas bahu show.


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