Star Plus’ Naamkaran is set to surprise it’s viewers with a interesting track ahead. Avni has been trying hard to hide her true identity in front of Mrs Mehta and especially Neil who is searching for a loophole.

Neil has cent percent doubt on Avni about her identity so he’s watching every move‚Äčof hers. Now he’s planned to buy a beautiful pendant for Riya but as she’s not at home, Mrs Mehta suggests Neil to try the same with Ananya i.e., Avni.

Avni is tensed as the pendant she is wearing has a photo of her mother. This could cause a blunder revealing her identity and she being stuck in her mission. But thanks to Diksha who comes in between instigating Mrs Mehta against Avni and Avni leaves getting irritated. So lets see till how long Avni can protect her identity.