Star Plus ‘Naamkaran has taken lots of twists and turns with emotional drama in the upcoming track. Avni has entered Dayawanti Mehta’s life to seek her revenge for her mother’s murder.

Dayawanti had kept Avni’s brother and has spoilt him. Even Avni’s friend Ali has recognized her as he was the only true friend of hers. Now Ali knows the truth and is very happy about Avni coming back.

Meanwhile Neil has been trying to find out the thief. He had doubts on Avni about her acts of theft. He has been engaged to Riya however his roka ceremony was not in accordance with the rituals. But slowly he is getting attracted towards Avni. Her charm has already made Neil in lieu of her.

But there’s a twist to the tale. Neil on investigation found out the CCTV footage of the theft in the jewellery store. On thoroughly looking at it he finds out that Avni was the thief. Now Neil is stuck up between his duty and his love for Avni.

So what will Neil do? Save his girl or obey the rules of his duty. Let’s wait and watch.