Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is witnessing high voltage drama with lots of twists and turns Dev being over possessive for Sonakshi.

Dev and Sonakshi are madly in love with each other. After the goons incident, Dev has become obsessed for her as he doesn’t want to lose her now at any cost. Meanwhile, Vicky is very irritated with Dev and Sonakshi. He feels that he has been treated as a servant so he decides to teach them a good lesson. He doesn’t want Dev and Sonakshi to be a happy family at any cost.

Vicky plans to fit a camera in Dev’s office to get all the details and updates of his new software launch. A new entry Arman Tahil going to play as Dev’s rival is named as Thakkar in the series.

He makes a deal with Vicky for the app. Vicky thinking about destroying Dev steals the original app to sell it to Thakkar. But our Dev is quite smart. He will launch the original app and Vicky will again be frustrated. Are you excited for it?