Zee TV’s Woh Apna Sa has some interesting twists and drama ahead. Nisha is a very smart and shrewd lady as she is trapping both Jhanvi and Aditya as well. She has already won the trust of all the family members.

But that’s not enough Nisha wants to increase misunderstandings and keep Aditya at her feet. She will not let Aditya leave her. Aditya has given his share of property to her by stretching a line in the house. Sad it’s not enough for Nisha .

Nisha is a very cruel person and she has some other plans which only she is aware of. Meanwhile she has even called Jhanvi to help for the betterment of her relationship with Aditya. Smart woman she is, trapping both Aditya and Jhanvi. So let’s see what is the real motive of Nisha.